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So how did MOF get started and what’s the backstory?

Ministry Outreach Films (MOF) got its start as a referral from an associate back in 2011. Chip Heady, a guy I worked with at Stickley introduced me to Carlos Calderon at Partners International in Spokane. Carlos lead me to Bob Bowen who was then a VP of Advancement for PI. Bob had been with World Vision for some time and was working with PI during a transitional period.

It’s really hard to believe it’s been 9 years since I first met Bob. Credit needs to be given where credit is due and Bob Bowen deserves it. He’s one of the best connectors I’ve ever known and has a servant’s heart.

When I look at the time line and number of people that I’ve connected with since my first meeting with Bob, it’s

He introduced me to Jeff Rogers and Glenn Hanson from One Accord and Jon Sharpe from C3 Leaders and Just Business Round Table. Dean Orrico and Randal Dick also came through these connections.

Todd Tarbert with Semble came through a visit to Bob’s office in Eastgate some 6 plus years ago. Fast forward to late 2019 when Todd and I reconnected and it’s just amazing what God has his hands on!

What I’m desiring to get across to you here is that through this one man, we’ve been introduced to so many other people who have had such a huge impact on our lives and the current MOF program.

The program really go moving in 2016 when Anthony Carollo of GASE brought us in to produce a short promo for his organization. It was with this film that we launched the short film ministry that is today branded as Ministry Outreach Films.

There’s so much happening with Ministry Outreach Films with God’s hand at work on so many fronts. We are so grateful and thankful to all of these people who have become friends and added more value than I can mention in this post.

So please stay tuned in as we continue on this journey. We’ll keep you updated as to the latest updates with Ministry Outreach Films.

For more information about this ministry program, how you can get involved, and impact God’s kingdom, visit the MOF page or Contact us here at DMKProductions.

Ministry Outreach Films