It’s not very often that we get the opportunity to peak underneath the hoods of BMW E30 race car, let alone film a doc that shows what these men and women go through on and off the track. As we have been gearing up (literally) for the PRO3 E30: BMW’s Ultimate Racing Machine” documentary film, you could say that this has been one, if not the most interesting productions we’ve ever dealt with.

Just as we were getting ready to film in the spring, COVID19 shut everything down, including all the races in May. These scheduled races were to be primary location filming days and yet we might just salvage some track time.PRO3 Driver Kyle Byers - Interview for the PRO3 E30 Racing Documentary by Dave Krygier -

As it stands, only a few races may be happening this summer here in the Pacific Northwest and these are to be without spectators. So it’s a little early to tell, but we are looking forward to being out on the tracks if and when it actually happens.

Despite the corona virus, we’re still hard at work on the film, lot’s of pre-production, logistics, prep, even and a couple of times at the track.

As far as the story goes, there’s so much to document and talk about. I mean we could do a mini-series, something like Formula 1 “Drive to Survive” that’s been on Netflix. The more I dive in, the more stories there are to tell like this one with driver Kyle Byers.  Stay tuned.