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Virtual Services

Here at DMK Productions we have been offering a variety of virtual services(see lists on this page) since 2012. Whether you need a simple connect video to keep you in touch with colleagues, clients and prospects, copywriting for web, email and digital, or an extremely affordable animated video to get the word out on social, our team is here for you. 

Current Virtual Services Offering Effective March 2020

• 2D Animated Videos
• Audio Messaging for Audio Bites, Email, Videos & Blogs
• Audio Recording for Presentations, Commercials & Messaging
• Copywriting for Email, Video, and Landing Pages
• Digital Videos for Web, Broadcast, Digital and Email
• iPhone Video & Audio Trainings (great for @home office content creation)
• Podcasting
• Professional Voice Over Talent

• Slide Decks for Webinars
• Screen Share Presentations
• Social Media Services
• Virtual Administrative Services
• Virtual Receptionist Services
• Virtual Executive Assistant Support
  Web Development  
• Whiteboard Videos

Storytelling & Content Creation


Featured Client Video

Here at DMK Productions storytelling is at the heart of what we do and specialize in and content creation comes from building the stories. Our expertise covers the entire content pie. From video and photo stills to audio recording, voice overs/dialog and copywriting. web, broadcast and digital applications. From location and studio settings in Spokane, Portland, Seattle and Phoenix – to all digital and animated productions, our team is here to help you tell your story and create content on many different platforms. 

Documentary Films

Whether you need a short length documentary of 2 to 5 minutes to tell your story, or a longer form doc that can run on broadcast, cable and/or web, we’ve got you covered. From development through production and post production, our team is here to make sure your story gets told the way you want it told. One of our latest docs is about car racing in the Pacific Northwest with PRO3 and their E30 BMWs. 

PRO3 E30 BMW Racing Documentary Film by DMK Productions 2020

PRO3 Drivers – Historics 2017 – Photo © Jim Cissell #119PRO3 E30 BMW Racing documentary film


Maybe you’d like to be a part of this special documentary film and join us on the journey at the track, online, a private screening or possibly at a future film festival. Learn more about our documentary films here or Contact Us to start the conversation about your story

Ministry Outreach Films

Ministry Outreach Films (MOF) is a unique film program by DMK Productions for ministries that are looking to advance their fundraising or need a film to really tell their story and reach those that need their services, products or information. It’s a way for any ministry to have high quality films at extremely affordable prices. To learn more about how you can support a ministry or have access to the ministry outreach films  program – visit the <a href=””>MOF page</a> or <a href=””>Contact us</a> 

Who we have worked with…

Production Blog

PRO3 E30 BMW Racing Documentary Film

PRO3 E30 BMW Racing Documentary Film

A long time ago back when analog tape was still rolling in studios throughout the land, my agency partner and I crossed paths with a veteran voice talent who turned out to be none other than Jim Cissell. You'd know his voice if you heard it as he has been the voice of...

Fun Filming in the Kitchen with B&G

Fun Filming in the Kitchen with B&G

Every once in a while a really cool cooking story comes our way and arrives on the doorstep. In this case we had so much fun filming in the kitchen with the crew from B&G Sweet Heat Peppers. It's such an interesting tale, and one that started with our oldest...

During these trying times we hope and pray that you and your family are safe. If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Our team is still working virtually and all client projects are currently moving forward as planned. Virtual office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.