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DMK Productions has deep roots in the creative arts arena. Our principal started out in the music, recording and live production industries and then transitioned into advertising, marketing and sales, while still keeping his hand in the production pie.

Along the way – video, photography and copywriting were brought into the fold and creating content became our specialty.

Today at DMK Productions it’s all about storytelling for businesses, ministries and non-profits. Telling the story that captures the viewer, reader or listener’s attention, and keeps his or her attention. Today, it’s all about capturing and creating content that gets to the heart of your subject and the heart of your viewer, listener or reader. Today, it’s about helping our clients to elevate the message – whether it be on the web, via broadcast channels or some form of digital communication.

Dave Krygier – Storyteller | Producer | Filmmaker

A long time ago in the land of Redmond, as a young audio engineering college student, Dave got his start at a production company and studio facility. Since that time he has spread his wings and worked in many different industries and businesses. From small advertising agencies and niche retailers to many a small business and ministry, he has filmed and documented hundreds of stories. Dave’s journey as a producer, storyteller and copywriter continues even after years of hands on experience. As a student of creative, cinematography and storytelling you’ll find him on any given day – studying, testing and applying his craft.

In 2016 he won the Small Business of The Year at the Best of the West Awards in Eastern Washington. Besides production and creative services he has also published two books, is an Expert Author at Ezine Articles, and has published hundreds of articles on the topics of advertising, marketing, and sales.