DMK Productions has deep roots in the creative arts arena. Our principal started out in the music, recording and live production industries and then transitioned into advertising, marketing and sales, while still keeping his hand in the production pie.

Along the way – video, photography and copywriting were brought into the fold and creating content became our specialty.

Today at DMK Productions it’s all about storytelling for businesses, ministries and non-profits. Telling the story that captures the viewer, reader or listener’s attention, and keeps his or her attention. Today, it’s all about capturing and creating content that gets to the heart of your subject and the heart of your viewer, listener or reader. Today, it’s about helping our clients to elevate the message – whether it be on the web, via broadcast channels or some form of digital communication.

Dave Krygier – Storyteller | Producer | Filmmaker

A long time ago in the land of Redmond, as a young audio engineering college student, Dave got his start at a production company and studio facility. Since that time he has spread his wings and worked in many different industries and businesses. From small advertising agencies and niche retailers to many a small business and ministry, he has filmed and documented hundreds of stories. Dave’s journey as a producer, storyteller and copywriter continues even after years of hands on experience. As a student of creative, cinematography and storytelling you’ll find him on any given day – studying, testing and applying his craft.

In 2016 he won the Small Business of The Year at the Best of the West Awards in Eastern Washington. Besides production and creative services he has also published two books, is an Expert Author at Ezine Articles, and has published hundreds of articles on the topics of advertising, marketing, and sales. His third and fourth books are due out in 2022 along with two new documentaries.

Steven Plaisance – Videographer | Post Production Editor

Steve was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. and spent most of his career in the U.S. Air Force as a combat videographer. He retired from active duty in 2008. After retiring he was re-hired as the Lead Video Production Specialist at the U. S. Air Force SERE School at Fairchild AFB, Washington. Steve has a combined federal service of over 25 years with an additional 9 years as a freelance videographer and production specialist. He’s a certified aerial drone pilot and is also the founder of Clear Image Media. When he’s not in the field capturing content on his Sony camera you’ll find him either entrenched in the edit suite or enjoying time with with his wife and grandkids.

Dwayne K Parsons – Executive Producer

As an executive producer, Dwayne Parsons specializes in live action productions and video brochures for the DMK Productions team in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. His company Birds of a Feather LLC is located in North Idaho. For over 18 years Dwayne owned and operated Sandpoint Public Relations LLC along with an online magazine Sandpoint PR, which was successfully sold. In addition to executive producing, Dwayne is a professional pianist, composer, published author, ghost writer, biographer and editor at Real Estate Insider. One of his latest songs is featured on the the short documentary film, Analog is Not Dead (Road to When he’s not out building relationships, you’ll find Dwayne out on the lake fishing, or composing, writing and editing in his home studio.

JC Collier – Executive Producer

JC Collier is an executive producer working exclusively on Ministry Outreach Films ( for DMK Productions. He was saved over 50 years ago in the Jesus Movement and then became a street preacher, preaching the gospel up and down the west coast of the United States. JC subsequently began a successful business career and after many years retired as the district manager of a large company.  Today with Ministry Outreach Films JC works with ministries who are looking to tell a better story and need to increase donations and engagement.

From products, services, food & beverage, to information and people, our team is here to help you tell the story. You provide the story, concept and idea, or we can help you create it from scratch. Either way, we’ll provide the creative, the gear and the team to capture and assemble all the elements like motion (video & film), still photos, audio, music, sound efx, graphics and art direction. On location or in the studio – we’re comfortable working where you need us to be. You can see us in action on Instagram @dmkproductions or on Linked In where we post about current, recent and past productions. Now all you need to do is take the next step and Contact Us. We’ll connect to find out how we can best serve you and work together bringing your stories to life online and offline.