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Animated videos are a great way to attract new prospects, customers and donors to your company, business or organization. They provide a different kind of visual that makes the searcher and viewer stop and pay attention. It’s a win-win, and this allows your company or organization to stand out from your competition in the search results and on broadcast television.

Here at DMK Productions we offer different levels of animated video production. In our portfolio you will see simple digital videos that are built on slides, custom whiteboard videos, 2D animated and stop motion videos.

Portland Oregon based HVAC company The Heat Pump Store called on us to create and assemble a series of animated videos. For these particular videos, our team included several animators, a post production editor, voice talent, and art director. Our senior copywriter wrote and edited the script along with the client, and then we produced the videos which have been used online, and on broadcast television.

When you want to attract and connect with your audience, animated and digital videos are the way to go. They bring together visual images, text, music, sound effects, and a professional voice to tie it all together. Viewers and searchers are immediately stopped in their tracks and allow you into their world for a minute or two. But the best part is once you have their attention, you can make an offer to connect, which should ultimately lead to a conversion. Our producer has been producing animated videos since 2012, so rest assured he’ll make sure your creative, branding and message match all of your goals.

Just think – you could be attracting new prospects, existing clients, donors and a whole new audience with an animated video produced by the animated video production team at DMK Productions. Find out how by Contacting Us today and within the week you’ll be on your way with an animated video that will have people calling, emailing, chatting or texting your office.