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Behind the scenes video and photography is something that we really enjoy and have a passion for here at DMK Productions. Telling the story behind the story, with motion, voices, and photo stills of people, places and products.

Whether you are starting from scratch and just want to document how you built your product or created your newest food sensation, our behind the scenes crew has got you covered.

This photo depicts a typical day on location as we capture footage for our client the Heat Pump Store. Producer Dave Krygier used the AJA Cion cinema camera along with Nikon, Sony and GoPro cameras for behind the scenes. Small Biz Mechanix, the sister company to DMK Productions produced this work for the Heat Pump Store.

If you already have a production in place we can pickup and start capturing the action as soon as we arrive on location. How? Well if you’d like to capture the action while your commercial, web short, instructional video, promo spot, film or documentary is underway – we can seamlessly setup behind the scenes production with one to six cameras.

Just think, you can have all kinds of motion clips, photos, and audio for use on your social media channels, website, blog, Vlog, You Tube, Vimeo, director’s cut and even for offline printed materials and presentations. Behind the scenes video and photography can add so much to your marketing and outreach efforts, it’s worth planning and taking the extra effort to get the shots, audio and pics that will be around for years to come.

No matter where the location is, our team will be there to make sure you have the footage, audio, and photo stills you need for the stories you need to be told. And we can capture it in 4K, UHD, or HD.


Filming the Mosaic bike shop ministry story

From a small two person team capturing your stories with motion, audio and photo stills, to a 6 to 8 person crew with director, producer and director of photography – DMK Productions has got you covered from all angles behind the scenes. All you need to do is put together your thoughts and ideas. Our team will take care of the rest. It’s really that simple.

Want to tell the story behind your story – Contact our Development Team today and we’ll help you capture all the footage, audio and photos. Or call the studio hotline @ 509.590.0629.