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Dave’s Character Voices – Sample Selection

Dave’s Radio Commercials & Character Voices

Since the 1980s Dave has been voicing & producing radio, web and TV commercials, in addition to telephone on hold messages. At one point in time, 1992 to be exact, he was the voice of Spiderman for the Bon Marche, thanks to Ben Buchanan.

His repertoire of character voices and accents has grown over the years. You can preview some of the character family in the reels above and there are always new ones that appear from time to time.

He’s currently non-union and can usually voice your web or broadcast commercial in 48 to 72 hours. If you need any writing, creative or production support for your web or broadcast commercial, Dave and his team can help you also get this done. All you need to do is Contact him via phone or email and he’ll fire up the mic and Mac!