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Are you involved in a ministry that wants to expand, grow and be able to share your stories with potential donors and people who need what you offer? If so, then we may be able to help you accomplish this with our Ministry Outreach Films.

Ministry Outreach Film - Dave Krygier - DMKProductions.coSince 2015 we’ve been producing content for non-profits and ministries by donating and offering reduced rates on production services. Some of these organizations that we have worked with include Safe Families for Children, GSAE, CRU Spokane, Junior Achievement, Communities in Schools, The Way of Business, SpoFi, Impact a Life, Mosaic Spokane, Path of Life Spokane and The Jonah Project.

Now we are taking this to the next level with a new program called “Ministry Outreach Films.” Our vision is to help and serve ministries with high quality short videos and trailers that they can utilize for ongoing donor support and mission outreach. The Ministries Outreach Films program has been designed to provide a super affordable alternative to ministries, allowing them to tell their stories and not be prohibited by a lack of resources.

 We are continually praying and searching for ministries that want and desire to do more outreach, fundraising, and are ready to commit to telling better stories.

Impact a Life - Filming by Dave Krygier - MinistryOutreachFilms.netIf you are a business owner operating a faith-based business, then your partnership can positively impact lives through these ministry films, and help to expand God’s Kingdom. Your being involved can bring your organization social capital, web and offline exposure for months and years to come, if you are looking for ways to outreach.

Will you join us in helping to fulfill this vision to serve more ministries in 2021 and beyond? If so, let’s start the conversation today. You can also support the ministry films we are working on by giving below here on this page, or giving directly to any of them on their websites. To learn more about current filming and future projects, Contact us today by filling out the form below or call the studio at 509.590.0629.


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