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Every day we are inundated with COVID19 Coronavirus news, emails, pitches and social media. The big question is what can you do about staying connecting, when it comes to your company or organization and the people who live in your world.

Today I’m going to focus and share some thoughts with you about staying connected to your employees, contractors, clients and prospects and community.

One thing I’ve found out in the many conversations I’ve personally had since March 10th is that many people feel isolated, especially those stuck at home.¬†Whether you are stuck at home or going into the office, or on the road, you should be connecting with people everyday via phone, text, email, video and social. There’s really no difference from pre-March 10th when everything started changing. But the way you out reach and the conversations you have are now influenced by the crisis and can get negative real quick.

So keep a positive tone and outlook. And yes I know this can be hard to do, but you need to do it, otherwise you’ll be bumming out all day long and this will lead to other issues.

The bottom line is that if we stay connected, look for solutions, make lemonade, and work to support each other and our communities, we’ll be in better positions once the restrictions are lifted or loosened up. Is it going to be easy, no. Is it going to be hard, possibly and mostly likely yes.

If you need someone to lean on, chat about thinking outside the box, have an idea you need to spark or just need a break from all the negative, give me a call at the office – (509)590-0629 or Skype to davekonline. We can start the conversation and look to make a difference.