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Every once in a while a really cool cooking story comes our way and arrives on the doorstep. In this case we had so much fun filming in the kitchen with the crew from B&G Sweet Heat Peppers. It’s such an interesting tale, and one that started with our oldest daughter. What an entrepreneurial food story and inspiration to those who have a dream and vision for producing and marketing the food they love.

DMK Productions Filming in the Kitchen with B&G Sweetheat Peppers - Photo © Dave Krygier 509.590.0629We spent quite a bit of time with this client, capturing content over five different days with four different cameras including the Nikon Z6.

Filming in the kitchen can be so interesting and fun at the same time. Shown here we captured some footage of the jarring process (also known as canning). These people do it the old fashioned way and so each and every jar is handled with personal care.

If you haven’t tried these peppers, you might want to give ’em a taste. You should be able to find them locally in Spokane and North Idaho at Yokes Fresh Markets, Eggers Meats, Sonnenberg’s Market or online at Twisted Peppers.

Stay tuned as we continue this story here and also on Instagram and Linked In.